Inspired by the complexities of the sphere and its profound significance in our universe, Camille Solyagua has experimented in the darkroom, projecting light through a combination of liquids onto photographic paper to produce images of distant worlds that exist for only a matter of seconds. These elegant photograms play with our perceptions of light and dark, liquid and solid, time, distance and scale. They suggest the invisible by focusing on the visible, thereby constructing an enigmatic bridge between the micro and macrocosmic world. Her small scale liquid concoctions help us to reflect on the mystery of the cosmos and the delicate balance in which our world exists.This large format book – 14 x 17 inches – contains 32 plates, printed in duotone on matte art paper, hand-bound in deep blue cloth with a tipped-in cover plate. Introduction by Paolo Carini. Printed in a first edition of 1,000 copies. Published in Fall 2003 by Nazraeli Press